Top Private Jet Routes of the Rich

Private Jet Routes

When it comes to making a worldwide difference, there’s certainly no stopping the rich to ride private jets for business or leisure. While these frequent fliers travel to various directions of the globe, it seems a prevailing trend continues to occur when it comes to their routes.They typically fly to and from locations which are usually known as the wealth capitals. These rich clients’ demographics are composed of 80% male, and their ages range from 40 to 55 years old. While they’re mostly entrepreneurs, a significant number of them come from Finance, plus Oil and Gas industries.

Here are the top courses which millionaires and billionaires take on their usual flights:

1. South Florida to New York

This short range route is frequently taken by high-rollers to unwind and scope for properties. They particularly fly from New York to South Florida, since they consider the latter as the millionaires’ playground. Because they appreciate South Florida’s sunny weather, thriving entrepreneurs and executives would usually purchase homes or condos situated in hotels with conference centersand rooftop soccer fields.This route is also famously taken to attend art-fair destinations like the annual Art Basel at Miami Beach.

2. Bay Area to Southern California

The Bay Area to Southern California is among the top routes which the rich take because it’s filled with tech-inspired ventures. Afterall, it is home to the industrial region, Silicon Valley. Some of this route’s known industries also include Real Estate and Media.

3. Moscow to Nice/Cote d’Azur

Aside from the United States, Russia has its share of private flying, high-rollers. This popular, rich-people route just shows how Russian wealth has significancein the European market. Russian flyers typicallytake the Nice or Cote d’Azur route for Real Estate purposes.

4. Geneva to London

After the richhavehandledtheir bank accounts or business transactions at Geneva, most of them usually go straight to London. The UKsimply has the goods and attractions which the elite’srefined tastes usually appreciate. These may include Russian sablecoats, specialized flower arrangements in their hotel rooms per week, or even a spa trip to California.

5. Venezuela to Miami

Millionaires and billionaires fly to Miami to invest in high-end Real Estate. They purchase luxury penthouses or stay in ultra-plush resorts. Most of Miami’s foreign buyers come from Venezuela, aside from Brazil, Argentina, and Russia. When it comes to earning offshore money, about 26% of sales in Real Estate come from foreigners. Also, 76% of the location’s condo buyers usually pay in cash.

Aside from thesedirections, private jet elites also take on the New York to Boston, Paris to London, and Nice to London routes among others. Today USA is also known to have the world’s largest private market, followed by Europe, the Middle East, China, and Brazil. Planning to take up one of these routes soon? Then it’s best to book your very own, private jet with us. For more details, speak with one of our specialists today.

Written by Andre Pena