Destinations Where Most People Can’t Fly Aboard Private Planes

Fly Aboard Private Planes

With the rise of private jet chartering, we’d mostly think there’s not a place in this world which can’t be landed on by highly agile planes. In reality, there are locations which have their share of limitations in the field of aviation. Here are just some of the places which can’t accommodate all types of planes:

1. Monaco Does Not Have a Runway

While there’s no runway available in Monaco, jet setters can still land on the city-state aboard a helipad. Monaco is known for its yearly Grand Prix and luxury yacht shows. The world’s elite usually frequent this place for its grand casinos, luxury hotels, boutiques and much more. Known as the haven for wealthy people, Monaco can only be reached via helicopters. Travelers can directly fly to the city’s only heliport, theMonaco Heliport. For private flyers that’llbe flying on business jets, the nearest airports they can land on would be Cannes Mandelieu and Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

2. Turtle Island Has No Airport

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This remote, yet beautiful Fijian site does not have an airport or a landing area. For purposes of preserving this paradise, only amphibious aircraft can reach its shores. Additionally, this island is so small only 14 couples can stay here at a time. This location is great for watersports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and sea kayaking. Island and garden tours, plus sunset cruises are also available for tourists to try out.Upon reaching the Nadi International Airport, private travelers will then hop on the seaplane to take a 30-minute flight to Turtle Island.

3. Out Skerries, Scotland Has a 364-Meter Runway

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While most private jets require 1,829 metersto operate safely, Scotland’s islands need highly skilled pilots to land on or fly from their 300-meter runways. Out Skerries is one example of these islands. It’s an archipelago which can be found in Shetland, Scotland. For private travelers who appreciate bird watching, wildflowers, diving, and observing wildlife, Out Skerries is an archipelago worth exploring.Seals and otters are also common in this destination. To safely reach this location, it’s best to inquire about small prop planes from one of Jettly’s flight specialists.

4. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

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More known as the world’s shortest runway, this airport is meant to be operated on by captains only. The 400-meter, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport can be found at Saba’s Dutch Caribbean island. Also dubbed as the shortest commercial landing strip in the world, only small prop planes can operate on it.Despite its short strip of runway, what makes this island quite enticing are its sceneries. It has hilly terrains and overlooking views of the blue sea under the wide, blue sky. Small prop planes are commonly reserved by private flyers to reach this tropical location.

5. Inishmore Aerodrome, Ireland

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This airport has a 490-meter’s worth of runway. Hence it would be great to charter for small prop planes, so visitors can see the beauty which Inishmore can offer. Located in Cill Rónáin or Kilronan, Inishmore is a pier which overlooks the seas. Its fields, beaches, and stonewalls are a marvel to see. There’s also the Kilronan Castle where Scottish culture may be experienced. This establishment of hospitality has undergone restoration, and it currently serves breakfast plus dinner to its guests.

6. Tenzing-Hillary Airport’s 527-Meter Runway

Labeled to have one of the world’s shortest runways, the Tenzing-Hillary Airport’s amount of clouds, rains, and icing conditions will constantly need consideration from pilots. Its rugged terrains will also need the pilots’ constant estimation upon landing. Despite the challenging surfaces of its runway, travelers still brave out the difficulties which come with reaching this side of Nepal.Food and medicine supplies, along with other materials of aid are flown into the location to sustain most residents. Globetrotters also fly to this destination to have spiritual and cultural experiencesof the town along with its adjacent mountains.

7. Courchevel Altiport, France

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This airport’s 537-meter runway is enveloped by the French Alps and is situated near a ski resort. It especially gets challenging and slippery during winter. What makes the airport extra complex is that it also has a sloping runway. It can be quite tricky to reach this airport hence it’s advisable to pick the aptestplanewhen you visit this destination. A highly skilled captain can safely get you here as well.

8. Santa Catalina Island

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Private jets are certainly not allowed to fly to or from this island. Only small prop planes can operate on its 910-meter runway. Tourists can also reach the island by taking ferry rides instead.Located in the southwest of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina is visited for its dive sites, wildlife, and its highest peak, Mount Orizaba. The Channel Islands is also near this island. Californians and tourists island-hopwithin this vicinity, because ofthe richness of itsunderwater diversity.

9. Skiathos Island National Airport, Greece

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This northwestern island is mostly popular among younger travelers. Its sandy beaches, blue oceans, and most happening beach bars are enough reasons for most tourists to stay on this side of the Sporades archipelago. However before they reach the island, tourists need to brace up for low landings on the 1,628-meter, Skiathos Island National Airport. Those who’ve already reached the island would usually snap photos and videos of planes which touch down the runway. Staying right below the plane that’s about to land can be exciting especially for thrill-seeking tourists.


10. Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

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With a 2,081-meter runway, Wellington International Airport is known for its strong crosswinds and bumpy landing areas. Despite the challenges which come with landing on this airport, tourists take the risks which come with reaching Wellington. The capital of New Zealand is known for its wineries and tours especially in the Wairarapa region. Bespoke wine tours can even be arranged to fit the preferences of the city’s travelers. Aside from its remarkable art and design showcases, Wellington is additionally sought after for its premium lodging services especially at the Wharekauhau Lodge or Country Estate.

At a glance, it would seem impossible to reach these destinations or airports. Still, all you’ll need to get to the mentioned locations are a well-chosen plane, a highly experienced pilot, and the adventurousness to experience the thrills which come with touching down unconventional runways.

Written by Andre Pena